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Our Vision
Have a Heart, Learn, Progress and Serve.

Our Vision

To be a world-class paper products manufacturer and market leader by providing quality products which consistently satisfy the needs and expectation of customers.

Our Mission

1. We aspire to be a world-class manufacturer and distributor for a diversified range of consumer products.

We are confident of providing consumer with good quality and good value products based on our current market reputation, wide customer base and extensive distribution networks.

2. Our sales and marketing teams are passionate in developing leading brands with significant market shares in each product segment that is introduced.

3. We will continuously enhance the knowledge and skills of our people, improve the processes and management systems and alleviate the working environment to a higher standard.

4. We want to be a good employer and neighbour.


Our Values

Believing in God
We uphold the principle and good teaching of God in our business actions and decisions. We embrace the human values of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Compassion and Love.

Inspire corporate vision and work as a team. Manage with hands-on involvement, emphasize on continuous improvement, in-depth understanding of company operations.

A leader must be honest, sincere, fair and just. Consistently communicate the true message from the heart.

We are enthusiastic and knowledgeable in our business pursuit and always be at the best.

We mutually believe each other in delivering their best.

Customer Focus
Appreciate and be grateful towards our customers. To be proactive and responsive to customer's feedback, comment for references and continuous improvement.

We care about employees' welfare, the society and environment.

We recognise each individual in the organisation as company stakeholder, emphasis of ownership leads everyone to value and treasure company assets like their own.